Web page error for dynamic component


Win 7. SU 2016
Lately one of my trainees gets an Web Page error message every time he tries to modify the options of a dynamic component:
ERROR: Callback function error:Cannot obtain property «length» of an undefined or null reference @ /dcbridge.js[601]

How can I solve this ?


check at extension warehouse if the DC extension needs updating…

or uninstall >> re-instal from there…



I’m having a hell of a time trying to update my extension, with no success.


it always goes to pieces when a new version is on the horizon…

but, for you colleague, EW should be working and has it’s auto check feature for the su_ plugins…



Frankly, extension version is not relevant here, since it does it straight in SU with any dc compo.
You see, he just adds a dc compo to the model from the samples provided, changing any option works as long as he does not save the model to disk. Once the model is saved then trying to change an option produces the error. Looks like the browser does not find some info.


A new version (1.4.2) of the Dynamic Components extension was released on 20 October 2016, to support SketchUp 2017 builds, and breaking changes that the 2017 installer makes to the global “sketchup.exe” browser emulation setting.

If you install SketchUp 2017, and still are running older SketchUp versions, you will need to update those older SketchUp version installs to use the latest version of the Dynamic Components extension.

SketchUp 2017 M0 ships with Dynamic Components version 1.4.2, so you will not need to update it in SketchUp 2017 (until the next DC extension version.)

It is also a good idea, as John Boundy said above, to update the shipped Trimble extensions, for older SketchUp versions, whenever a new major version is released. This is needed as most of these are web-based functions, and the supporting websites often undergo drastic changes, that require the SketchUp extensions to also be overhauled.


Did the trick for me! Thx!


Solution: Download and re-install the Dynamic Component Extension.

I had the same problem. I got help from Sketchup: “You must be using SU 2016 with SU 2017 ALSO installed”. I am. So it’s a conflict with SU 2107. Re-installing the extension solved the problem for me.