No dashed lines in PDF file

Dear All,

When I want to print a view from SU to PDF (with HLR turned on) all the objects with dashed lines (layer) disappear!! I can’t imagine this is a bug…what am I doing wrong?


What do you get if you export to PDF or use LayOut to create the PDF?

Hi Dave,

I don’t use the export option to PDF because I can’t import a PDF in Indesign…Than I get the import error. Therefore I choose to Print the view to PDF but THAN the dashes lines won’t be displayed. In LO there’s problem at all (I don’t use LO because section views make dimensioning a nightmare).

I just don’t know it anymore…

You should be able to import PDFs into InDesign no problem, considering both are Adobe products. Printing to a PDF and exporting as one are very similar, but could result in different results due to how the process is being handled.

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The command for putting a PDF into InDesign is “Place” (ctrl+d) not “import” :slight_smile:
You can also drag and drop it.
SketchUp PDFs work fine in InDesign (either from Export PDF or from Layout- may take a while to load if you have a large PDF… The other thing that may be causing a problem is that you could be exporting your drawing at a very, very large scale (so that the PDF ends up being HUGE - more than InDesign can handle)… When you export from SketchUp, make sure the Output size is something like the size of a piece of paper.

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