No "Component Attributes" in any of my menus


Hello! I’m using Sketchup Pro 2018 on a Mac and I cannot find “Component Attributes” to customize my dynamic components. Also, in Sketchup Preferences, there is no “Extensions” to select to check the box that says “Dynamic Components” Help!


Sorry to add this post. I was mis-informed! I have just found out (through a bunch of research) that it is a plug-in that I have to download from the extension warehouse. Dis-regard the whole thing. Thanks!


What instructions were you looking at that lead you to this? In SketchUp 2018 (as well as SketchUp 2017), Extensions was replaced with Extension Manager.

Component Attributes is found under the Window menu.

The Dynamic Component extension is included in the SketchUp package so there’s no need to download it.


This is correct. SketchUp 2017 and higher no longer have an “Extensions” panel in the Preferences dialog.
Instead, they have a standalone Extension Manager. (Access from the Window menu.)

The Dynamic Components extension is distributed with SketchUp. And it should be switched ON by default. From time to time there are new revisions posted to the Extension Warehouse for it.


I had to actually download it from the extension warehouse. It did not come with SketchupPro 2018. Now that I have the proper menus, I have figured out what I needed to do. Thank you.