Component attributes missing

I am having a problem… The component attributes is missing from my menu. It was there 2 days a go and when I tried to use it yesterday it had just disappeared altogether.

Dynamic components is ticked on in my preferences and I have tried re-starting the programme many times with no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this has disappeared?


Hello! Component Attributes is under the Window menu. Check there.

Hi thanks for replying, it’s not there either, I have component options but not attributes?

Well that’s strange. Here’s mine. I see you’re using a MacOS. Maybe it has something to do with it. I’d suggest reinstalling SketchUp but that’s just a guess. The solution is probably something easier.

Can you check menu…tools, solid tools, trim… which is another pro feature and see if that is available

I’m not running pro… I may have been on a pro trial as I updated to 2016 last month, could this be why? Is the component attributes not available on make?

Sad to say…its not part of make

As @pcmoor indicates, it is not part of the Make package. Component Attributes is used for making Dynamic Components and for that you need Pro. You can manipulate existing DCs with Make.

Hi again,

I am now running pro and am having an issue with rotating a door… I can get one to work fine but the second will open and then not close again.

Using- ‘animate (RotZ, 180, 270)’ I click on the door once and it rotates to 270, but when i click again it will not rotate back and in the menu a custom attribute has appeared ‘-90 180’ if I delete this attribute the door goes back to its starting position and I can interact with it again but only once and it re-apears.
Any ideas why this is?


Can you try aligning the component such that animate goes from 0 to 90?

Can you share the file, so we can take a look?

shows the error, the 270 is revalued at -90, then there is no match between the two values so produces error

Adding “” around the referenced attribute can help with negative values, however in this case the result does not produce the effect you want
neg rotaion value.skp (14.7 KB)

So as per @yogesh the solution is to realign the axis, this can be done via the right click menu on the component and choose change axes.

Try putting “” around the rotation-axis: e.g.
Animate("RotZ", 180, 270)
See if that helps…

it kind of does, but produces same result as “neg rotation value.skp”

Also try putting the angles inside “” - so:

Animate("RotZ", "180", "270")

This should prevent the misreading and creation of a -90 attribute !
If it’s been made delete it and retry with the quoted axis/values…

Great, I’ve realigned the axis and it works now. Thanks again!

Animating doors is a bit tricky. I’ve used this feature many times but I still mess things up now and again. One advice that I’d give you, would be to build the door away from the main model and on the X and Y axis. That way when you type in the rotation angles, it’s easier to understand the swing direction.

P.S. I find that the standard “ANIMATE” command is very fast. If you want your animation to be smoother and more natural looking, choose “ANIMATESLOW” or alternatively “ANIMATECUSTOM” with this code below. Cheers!