No colours in Paint Bucket tool SketchUp Pro 2020

Im doing the getting started tutorials and got to the colour paint tutorial. Only when I click the paintbucket there are no colours or textures.

I’ve tried reinstalling the program as administrator several times, even tried a 2019 version. I had a look in program data , sketchup, sketchup 2020, Sketchup Materials and there is plenty in there so why no colours or textures with the paintbucket please?

hey spikey,
I am just looking for the similar issue kindly share if you find any source related ping me at Mr.Bloggers

I think I may have a solution, the materials palent does not appear as a floater but one of the docked menus on the right, I just played around and got the colours. Have a look Ill try and refine this response

Did you have some reason to think it would be a “floater”? On Windows machines, the Materials inspector panel appears in the Default tray which, by default is positioned on the right side of the model window.

Also known as an inspector panel.

You may have been looking at video or screen shots from a Mac edition which uses “sticky” floating tool windows for the inspectors. Also inspector panels in the Windows editions were the same kind as the Mac prior to ver 2016.

This (to me) indicates you haven’t spent any time referring to the online User Guide.

For other product user guides …