HELP on my desktop Mac I cannot find the paint bucket toolbar with texture and color options - where did it go?

I cannot find the paint bucket toolbar that has all the colors and textures in it…where did it go and how do I get it back?

Do you have another monitor?
Press ‘B’ and it should pop up somewhere.
You can also try to reset the workspace
[menu] SketchUp > Preferences > Workspace

Thank you - I do have another monitor but it’s not there either - I am talking about the second “tool bar” that used to have colors and materials (like brick or cedar siding) that you could select. I am on a Mac desktop computer and I used to always have this until this latest 2021 version of sketchup. I cannot seem to find it anyplace…

When you choose Window, Materials, do you see this palette?

i uninstalled and reinstalled and it fixed this…

Thank you for your follow up.