HELP - Have Moved House and lost my tool bar via the paint bucket (paint bucket stays light blue in background), cant find on either monitor

HELP - Have Moved House and lost my t

tool bar which I used to navigate to via the paint bucket (paint bucket stays light blue in background and when I click on it a cross comes up.

I cant find the toolbar on the other monitor either

and cant bring up via VIEW>TOOLBARS- aaaarghhhh

I worked on an old file yesterday on this same computer and today when I created a new project it happened. I have also tried to use yesterdays file and have no bucket either.

Couldnt upload a video to show so not sure if images help in this case.

I am happy to zoom if anyone can help. Need to get a project out today after already delaying it due to a house move. Any help appreciated.

At the very least give us a screenshot so we have some chance of understanding your issue.

have uploaded image but not sure it will help.

You are right, it doesn’t help as it doesn’t show the whole screen.

Ok, since you are going to edit the original post rather than post a new one so we know there is new info, I will do the same.

So it seems you have lost your default tray. You should only need to go Window/Preferences/Workspace and click the reset Workspace button.

Hi Box,

I haven’t used this forum very much and clearly don’t understand how the threads work - I am sorry. Despite this, I thankyou for handing in there and assisting me. This has worked and your time and effort is appreciated.

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