Help...Bucket Tool materials only showing as block colours

Hi, hoping someone can help me as this is starting to become a real hinderance to my work. Since the new update, when I open the Texture Palettes under the Paint Bucket tool they only show as block colours/shades which makes it impossible to find the specific textures I need. I’ve attached an example image to illustrate. (Also not showing Colours in Model either, and I tried the suggested fix on that, which didn’t work).

Thanks in advance for any help!

Can you update your profile to show your computer details correctly?

Which version of MacOS are you using?

Updated (I think), let me know if I haven’t included the right information. Wasn’t really sure what it was asking for…

I have noticed the same problem. If I reload the textures, they are fine for while. then they become just color blocks. Very frustrating. I will check my profile to make sure it is accurate.

I haven’t seen this problem before, and so far I can’t think of any questions to ask!

I have a meeting with developers in the morning, I will see if anyone else has ideas.

Thank you so much