No background colour

I’ve just signed up to start using SketchUp and started the fundamentals video series to learn how to use it and everything is great, apart from the fact that I have no background colour and when I try to change the background in Styles, the background changes, but looks NOTHING like how it’s supposed to look. Most of the show up as transparent and I can hardly make out the axis lines etc. I’m using the web version. Any help would b greatly welcomed, as when I try to do certain things, like selecting a component, everything else disappears, so I can’t do really basic things. I’ve added a screenshot so you can see what it looks like when I start a new project. Thanks

What browser are you using? Try using Chrome or Fire Fox.

I’m using Chrome on an (old) iMac

How old. What OS version? What version of Chrome? You might check for Chrome updates. The graphics card and its drivers may not be up to current standards.

2010 running Yosemite. I’m just trying it on Firefox and if that doesn’t work I’ll check for chrome updates and if that doesn’t work, I’ll maybe wait a couple of weeks for my CBILS loan to (hopefully) come through and get a well overdue new computer. Thanks for your help DaveR!

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Good luck.

I tried it with Firefox (no good) and checked for Chrome updates, but there weren’t any.
I then tried it on another computer and it’s fine there, so I’m assuming it’s the graphics card or something on my old workhorse.
I’ll upgrade my computer asap.
Thanks again DaveR :+1:

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It’s good that you have another computer to compare to. That helps to narrow down the problem. Hopefully you can upgrade soon.

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I don’t know the exact model of your iMac, but I think you could take the OS up to High Sierra 10.13.6. Then you might find you can run the latest version of most browsers. Unless you have a reason for sticking with Yosemite, like some other software that won’t work on a newer OS?

I’ve tried upgrading the OS, but it won’t let me. It’s been really frustrating as quite a lot of software is now telling me I need a newer OS, but the only option I have is to upgrade the computer or just use old software. It’s becoming more and more of a problem, so it will have to be a new computer asap, but I have to wait for some money first. Haven’t made a penny since halfway through March, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that my loan comes through soon. Thank’s for the suggestion though McGordon!

Did you try High Sierra?

This mac here is older than yours and it’s on High Sierra (with a bit of cheating)

Great. Thanks McGordon, I’ll have a read through and see if I can install it in the morning :slightly_smiling_face: :+1: