No Back-Arrow for 3D warehouse?

When I find a few ‘possible candidates’ for a download on a collections page, download an item, and then want back-arrow to that same page for another try (with an adjacent component) I need to start an all-new search to find that page - always have difficulty finding my way back. Seems this was possible on earlier versions, but now the back-arrow is greyed-out. Any ideas?

To have that capability I think you need to use the 3D wharehouse search from the “components” tool palette and not the 3D icon in the toolbar.

The Back arrow should work if you access the 3D Warehouse through the Window menu or from the Warehouse toolbar/tool palette.

Hi Thanks for fast response, but keep getting greyed out …hmm. Rebooted, checked cookie setting, used menu and tool bar. ?


What version of SketchUp? Your profile is incomplete.

but if you select something and go back, you have to start over. If you do it from component window it retains the search…or at least on my setup thats how it works

Oh… SU2019Pro

Hi Dave: tried this as well on SU2018pro, same prob. Funnily enough, in SU2015pro it all works fine.09%20PM

WR: I’m still a (long) ways from being ‘able’ in the component window(s) dept.

If you use the tool icon you can search the 3D wharehouse and use the back button while searching. If after having downloaded an item and you go back to the 3D wharehouse you have to start over as the back forward buttons are greyed out from the previous search.
Using the 3D wharehouse from the components pallete allows you to go back to your previous search
with the other options still available and not start over.


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Yea, you can download directly from the search page in Warehouse as well. You can get partial details of the search results models by hovering over the thumbnail, then clicking Quick View for details if you want details on the model without going to the model page.

Another option that I use: when you have a search you want, e.g. cars who’s models are larger than 42MB, you can type Ctrl-Shift-L and the url of the page you’re on will be pasted in the search bar. When you return to the main page, pasting that url back into the search bar will return you to that search.

Unfortunately 3D Warehouse is closed for each model download, and hast lost the history when re-opened. Ideally it would either remember the history, or stay open until the user actually chooses to close it. From a model has been downloaded to it has been placed the window could be minimized to offer a better view of the model, while also allowing the user to keep adding components.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t think I’ve ever downloaded just a single component at a time. When I furnish a building or fill up a parking space or a street I add maybe 10 components at a time, not just one chair or one car or one light post.

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So here’s the weird deal - as I mentioned above my old copy of SU 2015 Pro has no qualms about ‘backing’ to previous any 3D W screen, ready and willing to download yet another adjacent item. Or go back to even earlier screens. Will probably never know why this works, but will be sure to keep my SU15* handy for future shopping excursions.
This screen shot was all set up by downloading, then clicking the back-arrow (circled), then downloading another one (x5); never once ‘closing’ the warehouse or re-typing anything. This is the way it should work IMHO.
*Did not try '16 or '17 ('18 doesn’t do it for me). Have not tried on PC.

Go figure.

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I believe you are right, it used to work like that and something changed. The ability to go back to a search from where you left off would be preferable…thats why i use the component window, but it isnt as nice as the other window.

Good catch! I’ll start use 2015 when going shopping for components. If I remember correctly entities can be copied to the clipboard and pasted in a newer SU version, but not an older.

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I have the same problem, and that goes from version 2016. Annoying.
Any solution yet?


Not a complete solution @Fguerra , but in the meantime you can use the Quick View link on the card to get more info on the model and download it (if desired) without losing your place in the search results.

Odd that this subject came up, I was just bitching to myself last night that the “back” button on my mouse doesn’t work on the 3D Warehouse site (never has AFAIK). Is there a reason why?

Just wondering.