How to leave breadcrumbs inside 3D Warehouse

I use the 3D Warehouse a lot to populate my drawings with kitchen accouterments.
For example, right now I need a bunch of dinner plates to put in a curio cabinet.

I start by entering the keywords : “Dinner Plate”.
This takes me to some images and I select one to download directly into model.
When I go back to select another I have to start back at the beginning and wade through aesthetically pleasing images of motorcycles, mid-century modern desks and cabins in Tahiti.

What I would like to be able to do is return to the last place I jumped off at.

It seems to me that Sketchup used to remember my searches and take me back to my last one.
Is there a switch I need to flip to make this happen?

MY SECOND QUESTION has to do with the paucity of dinner plates. It used to be there were gazillions of examples of everything I might need. It seems like since Sketchup released it’s last version that there isn’t as many examples of anything anymore. Has something changed in the3D warehouse or am I just being grumpy? I use Sketchup Pro 2017 if that makes a difference.


  1. Use the 3D Warehouse from a browser, not from the window in SketchUp
  2. Once you’ve done your search, don’t start the download from there. Instead, open each one you like to new tab or window (thus preserving your place in the search)
  3. Download from the individual model window, not from the search summary. Download TO your computer in a predictable location.

Benefits: You don’t lose your search location. You have each model in a separate file where you can examine it more closely for suitability, complexity, and possible change the image used for the design.

Costs: Time and convenience.


Yes opening in a new tab is the best solution.

However if you download from the individual model window it just downloads the latest V18 version, you have to be in the summary page to select V17 (OP is V17).

Thanks guys. I will try that.

As I understand it all contents in the 3D Warehouse are made by volunteers.
Is there a place I could go to buy models?

Many places but it depends on what type of model you are looking for. Turbosquid is probably the best bet for generic things.

Sometimes we can forget it’s easier to make our own stuff than search the warehouse. It has often been the case that more time can be spent looking for something than it would take to make it ourselves. Particularly a plate, which can be a simple “follow me” of a profile. This way you can get exactly what you want. There are many circular patterns online to texture them with too. Attached a quick sample.



Another option, would be creating “collections”. As opposed to downloading straight to your model.

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Actually, it’s just the opposite. If you download from the search results page, you have no choice, you get 2018 files.

If you download from the detail page, you get to choose which version you download and if the uploader chose the “make printable” option, you’ll also have the .stl file available.

Yes sorry this is what I meant, I meant the individual model window on the search results page. I call the detail page the ‘summary page’, now that I am thinking about it don’t know why!

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