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I’m encountering fundamental navigation issues within 3D Warehouse that are frustrating. First of all, in most dialogue boxes when you highlight text to be modified, you can type-over. In 3D Warehouse you have to manually delete text and retype from beginning. When browsing through Warehouse components…if you view an example and return…you have to start from the very beginning. Then…if you download a component or model…it doesn’t remember where you were and you have to start the search process all over again. This is an extreme waste of time.

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  1. Typing text: I just changed my user name by adding on characters to my existing name, and I didn’t have to delete. Please be more specific: in-browser or in SketchUp? Mac or PC? If browser, what browser? What version browser or SketchUp? Wait… I’m just describing my hell-hole-of-a-testing-matrix, aren’t I? :slight_smile:

  2. Browsing: there are 2 browsers in client, the old original one being Windows->Components, newer one being Windows->3D Warehouse. If you want to remember where you got something, use the Windows->Components and click on icons (clicking on the text will open up the Windows->3D Warehouse window to that model or collection). So it stays where you were.

Not an ideal world, but hey, this all started when we were bought by Google, and ran on Google API’s. We’re cleaning it up over time, but there still remains some oddities.


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Ok…I’m on Windows PC in SketchUp in 3D Warehouse. Let’s say I type in ‘cars’ in the 3D Warehouse Search box. Then realized I wanted to search for ‘people’. Like any other text application (like this one), I can just rollover and highlight the text I want to modify and retype over. In my 3D Warehouse world I have to place the curser at the end of text, delete backspace or highlight, delete first and retype. Same occurs if I select search, return and want to look for something else…rollover, highlight, retype and nothing happens. Not a big deal, but being globally accustomed to rollover, highlight and retype…this is a frustrating glitch. Is it just me or do others experience this.

On the second item…Lets say I search ‘doors’ in 3D Warehouse…scroll through a few pages…select item to review and want to return search. Click on the back arrow in toolbar and search returns back to very beginning of doors. Is there another way to go back to where I left-off with search? Even worse when I download an item and want to return to select another item…have to start entire process all over again from the very beginning.

I just tried the “rollover, highlight, retype” thing here on my PC with SU2016. It works for me. I typed ‘cars’ and hit enter. It brought up a bunch of cars. I highlighted ‘cars’, typed ‘people’ and hit Enter and the search results gave me people instead.

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Yea, there must be some weird setting you have. Mac’s and PC’s differ slightly in what single, double and triple clicking means, but I regularly click to place cursor, double click for word, triple click for line selection to replace, and they work. Not sure what’s going on with yours, especially if you say it behaves different than other web apps.

have you tried the button’s in the upper left corner?
this will lead you to the place where you selected a model to view…

I like the logo similarity…didn’t see that one coming…and yes…the back arrow is what anyone would assume to do with only ‘one eye’ open. That was the point of my post…logical navigation in SU Warehouse is anything but. SU Warehouse defies logical and lineal progression of backward and forward navigation.
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I hear you: you would like to stay on the page you were after the download so that back buttons were still available. In my answer in thread 2, I gave you that choice. Did you try it?

I posted a related feature request some days ago about letting users use their proper external web browser with tabs, bookmarks and all to download components directly into SketchUp: [FR] Sketchup URI - The solution to the internal 3DWarehouse & Extension Warehouse UX limitations.

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