[Win] Please Stop Closing the 3DW Webdialog Without Saving Search History


Please for the love of god, stop resetting the 3D warehouse with every visit.

step 1. Search for something.
step 2. look through a long list of stuff.
step 3. import something to sketchup.
step 3. didn’t like it, back to 3d warehouse.

why not just let us go back into the warehouse where we left off? 9 times out of ten my next visit to the warehouse will be to look for the same type of object. It used to be that entering the warehouse would jump to the main page, but hitting the back button would take you to where you left off. not anymore.


Hi @Jeffery, I just tried this on Mac and the back button worked. Are you on Windows?



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Just tried it from inside SketchUp, using the Components dialog. Typed “banjo” as a search and was able to d/l multiple models with the search staying as is. (Win7 64-bit : SU2015 64-bit)

But I see that if you use File > 3D Warehouse > Get Models as soon as you say “Yes” to import directly into SketchUp, the WebDialog is closed. Reopening it opens a new webdialog at the 3DW mainpage. There is no history and the back and forward nav buttons are grayed out.

It would be better if SketchUp just minimized the WebDialog instead of closing it.


Thanks for that, for Mac anyway. When I had seen the window reopen at the model I had tried, only to see it reset to the from page, it hadn’t occurred to me to use the back button!

The behavior on Windows is as Dan describes it.


In Windows is used to behave as you describe, Colin. something changed recently.