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Every time I’m browsing a new model on 3d Warehouse–If I like it, I stop and download it for future use. Then, I go back to browsing down the list of thousands of models where I hope I had left off. Unfortunately the webpage never saves the last place you were on scrolling–so it send you right back to the beginning of the list. This is problematic for a number of reasons: chiefly in regards to time wasted; but more importantly you never get to see the gems at the bottom of the list.

Feature is to save the spot when you are scrolling. Thanks :+1:

It’s been an often repeated request by myself and others over the years to simply not close the 3D warehouse window on downloading a file. There is really no reason for the window to close automatically. Users could close the window when they want to after downloading whatever multiple items they need, instead of having to reopen the warehouse window over and over again, as well as loosing ones browsing position each time.

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Yes, it’s a most annoying function of many web pages.
Just last night hunting for shoes in a ‘sale’, the page had that stupid ‘load more’ after about every 60 of around 600 shoes, and each time you click a shoe to look at it it then takes you back to the first 60 shoes. I’m sure they hide all the really good deals in the last few hundred.

There is a workaround, you right click on the item and choose Open link in new tab/window.


The internal (chromium)browser doesn’t have the same capabilities as the ‘normal’ one.
Sometimes, I open a new instance of Chrome, open the Warehouse and and then do a search and scroll down.
Any item of interest can be clicked with the scroll wheel, you will stay in the current page and a new tab with the details of the item is placed next to it.
One can then inspect those tabs and even save the whole set as bookmark.

Downloads are set to a folder that is opened from within SketchUp, cos I like to have control of what I import in my model.

Note: click with the scroll wheel button on the name of the model, that part holds the hyperlink.

Not to be captain obvious here or anything–but have we heard back from Google on when they will update this? Can’t there be any pressure put on them to adjust this? The experience has always been so poor on the “in software-browsing” feature. … like let’s go here.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, let’s go down to Alphabet street🕉

Google just provides the stripped down version that is embedded in the software of Trimble.

I wasn’t talking about Trimble or the Sketchup parent company–along the lines of what Mike is saying. Google does provide Chromium I believe :tipping_hand_man: