Can 3D Warehouse be kept open

Is there a way to keep 3d Warehouse open as an active window? Every time I download an item, it disappears and I have to re-open and search for the item again.

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No. You can search the Warehouse through the Components panel, though. It’ll stay open. Or use your brwser instead.

My experience is that if I open Warehouse again it opens to the same page where I just made the DL, at least for that session.

Yeah, I would have thought that too, but it is not happening for me…

Might be the SketchUp version you are using.

Yup, but the history is lost so you can’t back to the parent category.

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3D Warehouse will save the page you were last on (in the same modeling session). In addition, you can minimize the window, where it will sit closed on the bottom left hand of your screen until you use it again.

Each time I download a component 3D warehouse closes. I am using SU Make 2017 if that makes any difference.

It’s the same in 2018 and 2019 too (and probably 2016 for that matter). :confused:

Meaning that it closes after downloading a component?

Yup. Quite annoying. Minimizing while you place the component and then restoring would make the most sense to me. Or maybe stay the same all the time.

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I rarely open it from SU due to extremely confusing behavior. Keep it open in the browser. (anyway it is easier to save/open something from it in a separate instance of SU first)