How do I download multiple items from the 3D Warehouse

Hi, I’m downloading multiple items from the warehouse, which is rather frustrating having to go back in and search again for each download. Is there a way to download multiple items to a folder at once?

You can drag and drop from the 3D Warehouse window without closing and searching again…

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Drag and Drop from the 3DWH does not seem to work on mac. Is there a handy way to keep the warehouse window open and/or prevent it from resetting to home after each download?

I’m having the same issue in 2017 for Mac - I download a single model, and the window closes. When I re-open it, it’s back to the home page and I have to re-enter the search term. This can’t be how it’s supposed to work, right?

I don’t know about “supposed” to work but that’s how it works. If you download an item from the 3D warehouse window, then the window automatically closes each time, (why?). If you re-open the 3D warehouse window it is still on the page you were last on, but the history is gone so clicking “back” will not retrieve your search results. One work around is to inspect a given item closely on it’s own page, then click back once to your search results before downloading, then use the quick download button that is on each thumbnail in the search results. The window will still close, but should reopen on your results.

Hi, thanks for your reply -
When I re-open the 3D warehouse window, it brings me back to the home page, and I have no history.
I believe when I was using 2016 (before the warehouse stopped working on 2016), it would do the same thing, except I could hit the back button from the home page to bring me back to the last search results.
If the window at least opened on my results, I’d be less frustrated, but it’s current behavior for me seems purposefully debilitated, and borderline useless; I’d rather just use it on a real browser.

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To my knowledge 3D Warehouse no longer supports this fundamental feature. Somewhere around 2016/2017 dragging a model from 3D Warehouse stopped working and nothing has replaced it.


There is an oddity in the Components window that is handy for a couple of reasons. If you are in Details view you can do a search for something, read the text of its details, and click on a text link if you want to open the 3D Warehouse on that page.

But, if you click on the thumbnail you immediately get the component downloaded and placed in your scene. The search text and previous results are still there, it’s easy to grab several of the same item, or type something new to get some of those too.

A side benefit is that the models work fine in SketchUp 2016.

Hi Colin -
What do you mean by ‘Details View’? I’m using 2017 on OSX 10.12. If I click on the thumbnail of a component in the search results, It goes to what I’d call the detail view of that component, where I can either click the red Download button, which brings up the same ‘load into model’ dialog box, or I can click on the preview of the object, which says ‘Launch the 3D Web Viewer in your default browser’, (which launches a new tab in firefox where presumably a plug-in silently fails to load - I just see the Sketchup icon)

In the Components panel is a drop down menu that lets you choose how the list is shown. Details is one of the options. The things you mentioned are in the 3D Warehouse window, to get components to load into 2016 you would do it straight from the components panel, and not use the 3D Warehouse window.

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Oh Right! I completely forgot about searching warehouse components from the Components panel. Thanks for the reminder!
It’s still less than optimal - I feel like I’m not seeing the same search results in the Components panel as I am in the 3D Warehouse, but it’s better than nothing.

I’m on 2017… does the 3D Warehouse experience get any less useless on newer versions?

Yes, with 2017 you can go to the main 3D Warehouse window and find anything, there should be a 2017 version to download.

Personally I can’t stand using the Component inspector for searching 3DWH. It runs on the same thread as SU and SU freezes completely until the result has been fetched. Very distracting.

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