3D Warehouse back button


With the Sketchup 2017 Pro the slight but really annoying change appeared: after I download the model from 3D Warehouse and get back on the main page for a new search, the back button is not available.
So I can’t get fast to the page of latest downloaded model :((
Is this some feature change or is there any special option/preference I have to turn on?


I also am getting strange stuff would not let me sign in even says I was not connected to internet and stuff like that , , Server okay ?


this might be dependend on the used browser, e.g. if using the MS Edge browser (beta status) of Windows 10. Try an alternative browser as MS Internet Explorer (already on system) or free Firefox/Chrome.

Don’t disable ‘JavaScript’ in the browser settings and whitelist “sketchup.com” if using a script blocker adddon.


Well, I have this problem in Sketchup.
Not sure the browsed thing will affect somehow…


SU uses a lot of browser based dialogs (HTML) for e.g. the Extension Warehouse, the 3D Warehouse, the Welcome dialog or the Mentor etc.

For displaying the HTML dialogs SU uses (up to version 2016) the browser engine of the used operating system only (Win: MS IE / Mac OS: Safari). Therefore ensure that the browser used by SU is fully updated, ‘JavaScript’ enabled and for the MS IE the security settings for the internet zone not set higher than default “medium-high”.

If the website does fiddle around with the browser history this may have an effect in this area too (untested).


Known issue, and we hate it, too. It’s on the list.


Oh, good. Will be fixed any time soon?
Is there any estimate?


I’d reply if there wasn’t a red dot from our lawyer’s laser sight that’s centered on my chest right now.



well, then we will hope for the best)