3d warehouse search override?

Hi all,

I’m coming across a really weird interaction when I use the search bar in 3D warehouse.

For the past few months any time I’ve been using the search feature on the 3d warehouse, I’m fighting being overridden by someone/ a bot of some sort. Not sure what’s going on here but here are a few examples:

-every time I hit enter, it backspaces once before revealing search contents so I’ve been adjusting by adding an extra space at the end of any phrase

-in June I was doing a search for “Humanscale” as in the furniture manufacturer and I started fighting with an override that deleted what I was typing and typed “humans are awesome”

-It’s happened twice in the past week with searching for various furniture brands or elements and keeps returning weird search results and I’m fighting control of my search field.

I had my IT department look into my computer and there’s nothing on our end that looks suspicious so I believe it to be a sketchup warehouse thing.

Has the warehouse been hacked? Or have bots that are messing with me? :slight_smile:


We’ve noticed some weirdness when your mouse is positioned over one of the search terms in the suggested search. I’m having trouble reproducing it at the moment, but try this: once your cursor is in the search box, move your cursor away from the screen (go upper left of the window, for example), and see if this changes anything.

You could also try typing search terms in https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/advancedsearch.html and see if it ever happens. If it happens on advanced search, then there’s DEFINITELY something weird going on.

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I had the same problem, see my similar post

As you will see, Barry’s remedy worked for me.

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And I’ve responded in the thread listed above. There is weirdness, and we’ll address it. Thanks.

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