No activations after deauthorizing all

Hello. I have one active seat of Sketchup Pro Annual Plan with one user (me) using my email address. In my account, I’m listed as Account Owner with product access to Sketchup Free and Sketchup Pro Annual Plan. I installed SketchUp Pro on a new computer and deactivated it from my old computer. My account still shows 0/1 seats available, and I am unable activate Sketchup on my new computer or a backup computer. I went into my account, Manage Devices, and Deauthorized All. It still says 0/1 seat available, and I am still unable to activate Sketchup on the any computer. Please let me know what I need to do to use the program. I have no other versions of Sketchup on my account, so nothing else I can deauthorize, and no other users. Thank you for your help.

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The deauthorizing only affects copies of SketchUp that are signed in, it doesn’t affect who is assigned the seat.

After having deauthorized all devices you will still need to go to the SketchUp on the computer you want to use, and sign out then sign in again. It’s when signing in that the entitlement is checked, and if you have deauthorized other copies of SketchUp, this one should sign in ok.


That was simple I must have missed that when searching related threads. Thank you.

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