Despite deauthorizing all and logging in & out, always taken to manage activations window - no access to program for 2 months - loop

Despite deauthorizing all when asked, “Are you sure you want to reset all of your authorized devices for SketchUp Pro” AND logging in & out, I’m always taken to manage activations window to repeat this cycle. - I have had no access to the program for 2 months despite having an active subscription.

How do you log out? Try this in SketchUp:[menu] Help > Signout (emailaddress)

Or quit/exit SketchUp completely after deauthorizing and then start it, again.

It looks like you have an account for yourself, and one for your EDU SketchUp subscription. In the account management page there is a menu in the upper left, below where it says Edit Profile. That menu lets you switch between accounts.

As you have a valid SketchUp Pro subscription, and a valid EDU subscription (for the next three days anyway), it’s possible that you are deauthorizing the activations on the wrong account. Try the same action in the other account.