Next guy with Sketchup Pro 2016 Bug Splat on startup


Hi, after testing Sketchup Pro 2015 for certain days - everything works fine - we bought a license of 2016.
Installed as recommended, license activated, first start; bug splat. Send in report.
Deinstalled 2015 and 2016, reinstall 2016, bug splat. Send in report.
Deinstalled 2016, cleanup disk, cleanup registry, reinstalled, bug splat. Send in report.
Installed the latest nVidia driver, bug splat. Don´t know…
Now I download the32bit version - but this is not a solution…
Would be fine if anyone could help bring up the 64bit version.
Thank you.


32bit version starts normal…


… and is fine for every ‘normal’ document not requiring more than roughly 2-3 GB RAM during the SU work session… besides your are using render plugins without own memory management.

btw, which graphics card?


hello sketch3d_de!
nVidia Quadro FX3800.
For what purpose you have than developed a 64-bit version?


The 64-bit version is primarily to safeguard against SketchUp crashing because of memory issues. As sketch3d_de said, some rendering plugins, for instance, are memory hogs, together with importing or exporting large files.

Have you tried upgrading your Nvidia driver? I have a QuadroFX 1800 card (a less capable card of the same generation as yours), Windows 7 64-bit, and 64-bit SketchUp 2016 works here quite OK with the a couple of months old version 34.81 drivers.



Hi ghostdog-

Thank you for putting your name on the bugsplat reports, I was able to find them in our database.

SketchUp is crashing when it tries to initialize the 64-bit version of your video card “nvoglv64”. You may find that the 32-bit version is sufficient for your purposes. However, if you find SketchUp running out of memory, you’ll want to get the 64-bit version running. My recommendation would be to find out if anyone else has the same video card, and then find out what version of the driver they have.



Hi Anssi and Marc,
thanks for your input. Anssi, I installed the latest driver, but now I will try it with the version you have, as Marc recommended.
I´m not the user, just the admin, so I have to wait for the next maintanance window.
We have very large projects with rendering, so sooner or later they´ll asking for more memory :wink:



seems to be a common problem caused by a video driver bug, using an older driver version might help… or swapping to a capable graphics card (GTX960+).