Bug splat on new computer

I just bought a new computer for my job which consists mainly of using sketchup all day. I purchased a Dell with a 5th generation i7 processor, 8 gb ram, and 1tb hard drive… I know how demanding sketchup can be so I wanted the best. I started playing around with it with a simple drawing (nothing downloaded from the warehouse yet) and it bug splatted me 3 times in 20 mins. Any ideas? This is a $900 computer… I haven’t had a bug splat on my current computer in ages and I work in some pretty big files.

Is the Graphics info in your Profile accurate ?

You have an Intel HD 5500 graphics in your new machine ?

Try Preferences > OpenGL > uncheck Use hardware acceleration

Then read this topic:
SketchUp 2015 (64-bit) and Intel HD Graphics 5500

… and perhaps more from a search:


I searched through the BugSplat database for reports with your first name on them - I saw some that may have been you from May, but nothing recent. If you have been submitting reports recently, let me know what name or email address you’ve been putting on them and I’ll see if I can get you more information about your particular crash situation.


I didn’t send the reports. Someone responded earlier today with a link
where other people are having this problem with that specific graphics
card. Someone said they downloaded the 32 bit instead of 64 and that was
possibly a solution. I don’t have access to that computer right now so I’ll
try it as soon as I can. Think that could be the issue?

Can’t hurt to try!

Always send the reports. Each and every time. The more numerous bugs percolate to the top of the list, and get fixed first. (Well, they get more attention, than bugs that only have a few splats in the database.)

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