( newbii ) -- could you please give the best & most user-friendly video that shows how the most common features


could you please give the most user-friendly video that shows how the most common features are used to make something in sketchup so all beginners can understand? thanks


The tutorial videos walk you through the basics: https://www.sketchup.com/learn/videos/826


sorry i should’ve clarified, im looking for the best though (maybe i should’ve said best, along with most user-friendly)

  • someone designing a rocket
  • or a leading edge architectural building
  • 1-infinity other examples

A question about circles impress on a curved surface

Could you share a picture as an example?
I’m also learning and I’d like to see what level of detail you’re looking for.



Hey @whitespace,

You have already received the most appropriate advice from @TheOnlyAaron.

You would not be doing yourself a favor in trying to find the “best” or most “user friendly” of anything. These are subjective comparisons and what is considered best to one may not be acceptable to someone else. The many tutorials offer various approaches to modeling the most common features that can be developed using SketchUp.

Take the necessary time to become familiar with the software, experiment with it, play with it (have fun) and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You’ll be surprised at just how soon your skills will dramatically improve.

  • what are the top 3-5 reasons with evidence and support

  • for why you feel this way?


I’m not sure that I understand what you are asking for here. I think the reasons for using the suggested videos are fairly obvious and I feel as I do because I am convinced that these tutorials are effective.

Look, I choose to not waste anyone’s time with regurgitating opinions to support a position about how to best learn to use SU, but it may be easier for you to just click on these links that were provided to you earlier.

Getting started with SketchUp
Beyond SketchUp
Toolbar Series
Familiar with SketchUp

I urge you to click each of these links and invest the little time required to become acquainted with the precepts contained in each of these tutorial video series. (I am guessing that you did not already review the info offered by @TheOnlyAaron based on your last inquiry). It may be a good idea to download them all and save to your system for convenience. Studying the content of these videos will certainly augment your SU skillls.


My guess is that you are using my.sketchup on a chrome based device ? You’re profile does not give proper information. my.sketchup is still in beta and there aren’t many tutorials for this platform yet, but the links provide by the instructor would give enough information on the usage of tools available.

In general, learning how to use design tools doesn’t make you a designer, though , but they might inspire!


you specifically made a crazy claim about not going for “best” or most “user friendly” of anything

so i was wondering why you said that?

that’s what discussions are about


Your opinion, to which you are entitled, but not necessarily accurate. What is so crazy about my assertion? My initial response to you was perfectly valid and historically verifiable.

I’m wondering why you feel the need to be argumentative about this, particularly in light of the fact that I was only trying to help you, not attempting to denigrate your intelligence?

Have you watched the linked videos by now? If so your issue should be resolved. If they were helpful, you should indicate it as resolved under the post by @TheOnlyAaron.


Well, there are HUNDREDS of videos out there that cover the basics, and I cannot say that I have watched them all.

What I CAN say is that our basics videos cover the basics (you asked for video s that cover the common features) and are very user friends and effective training tools (I can say that I learned SketchUp from these tutorial videos).

If there are specific use cases that you want to see, let us know and we can help if we can. If you want easy to understand videos about the basics, these are a great place to start!


That’s exactly how I learned SketchUp too, but most of them were older! Many of these tutorial vids have been upgraded or improved to take newer versions into account.


Well, if we are going to get technical… The videos that I learned on were from a while ago… May have even been made by @Last…

Ouch… This thread is making me feel old…


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