A question about circles impress on a curved surface

Hi everybody.

I’m still trying to draw some simple shapes and @whitespace on his post ( newbii ) -- could you please give the best & most user-friendly video that shows how the most common features - #3 by whitespace gave me the idea to try to draw a rocket.

I used images.google.com to find some simple 3D rocket to use as reference.

I chose this one:

And this is the result:

The file is this one:

rocket_cartoon.skp (500.0 KB)

But I don’t like how windows looks, they’re not rounded as the surface in which I want to include them.

Not sure if you understand me. Any recommendation?

Thanks in advance.

You appear to be using 24 segments to make a circle (this is the default). You should probably use 96 for what you are trying to do. When first creating a circle, select the Circle tool and immediately type 96 followed by the Enter key (do not try to put the cursor in the readout window beforehand). If you used the Follow Me tool with a circle of 24 segments, all of your revolved surfaces have flat sections as well. Try re-creating everything using 96 segments.

Hi @jimhami42, thanks for participate as usual.

I know you can define the number of the segments even I barely change its default value, but I will keep in mind that size (96) when I try to draw more acurrate shapes.

What I was asking is hard to explain to me, so here a picture I will use to try to make it clear. It has to do with this.

Sorry for using MS Paint :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Like so? You can do this in make using intersect with model.

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Thank you @endlessfix

I’m still testing what you do, but it seems you got the point.
I will answer again in some minutes telling you if it works for me. :wink:

copy and paste in place the body of the rocket, then scale around center (scale with option pressed). Now you have a shell around your original body that can be used to trim a cylinder sticking out of the side using intersect faces (right click). Explode both to work with them, then erase the bits you don’t need including the trimming shell. Make the window a component again and you can work with it.

@endlessfix, yeah, it’s done.

Thank you so much, it looks like a very smart way to do it,
I would never figure it out by myself.

Sorry for annoying but now I’d like to make it harder,

  1. is there any easy option to find the center of the pink face?

  2. How could draw a new circle inside of it, something like offset tool would do.

Thank you very much :wink:

I didn’t figure all this stuff out by myself either, I learned from others and lots on this forum.
Center of the pink face? Like the center of the arc you drew as an example? Which center? The center point that the arc is drawn from? If so, hover your mouse (in circle tool) over the edge line of the arc you want center for and inference will help you find it, should pop up as a blue dot.

Sorry, I didn’t attach the picture xDD

Ah, got it. you want the new circle flat or rounded too?

Can I choose both? haha.

For a flat one I think I can get it intersecting with model again but knowing the center of pink face it would help.

Edit: I’m not joking, so please don’t get angry. I’m still learning who knows when I’m going to need it again, so … that’s why my second question. I like to learn.

Cool, for a rounded window, copy and paste in place a second window then scale it down a bit around center and drag it forward into relief

For a flat one I would imbed a new cylinder in the wall unless you want it to look through, then intersect again as you said.

For center Hmmm, I’m just visualizing now cuz I don’t have sketchup open now but inferencing might be tricky on that piece. Try turning hidden geometry on then you can use the midpoint of the center line? Or align the new circle top edge to top edge, then align the side edges with the blue direction locked using move tool and arrow keys.

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It’s ok, I think I can test it on my own.
I really liked it the solution of the problem.

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