Easy tutorials link in Layout requested

Hello ALL

I have just purchased SketchUP 2017 Pro license. Even though I knew how to model in SU (Old free versions of Google SketchUP 6 & 7), I am new to Layout.

I have myself done Google search on tutorials on Layout - but many seems to be advanced tutorials. For a starter like me could you seniors here help me in giving me a link to some simple tutorials (beginners tutorials) on Layout so that I could make a start.

Thanks in advance

In theory, one of the best sources for up-to-date information is the videos from 3d Basecamp. Here’s a link to the videos from the 2016 event, but unfortunately I’m not seeing the LayOut sessions in here that I expected. Let me check with the media team to see if I’m missing something.

Thank you very much Marc. I too shall go through it and shall also do some more Google Search.

Best regards