Newbie having trouble with components list


32 x 80 Door.skp (115.0 KB)

Hi There,

Im just getting into using sketchup and have drawn up a door that I’m building for a customer. The model looks pretty good (some things could be done better next time) and I have added the cut list extension, but when I look at my components list, there are too many of some items. For example, my door has 2 door stiles and that’s what you can see but my components list (and cut list) indicate that there are three. The same thing occurs with my top rail. I have one in the model but the components list and cut list show 2.

Is there a way where I can find out where these duplicates are and delete them? I would really like to be able to count on the cut list moving forwards but I can’t afford to be making extra parts.

Thanks for the help


your door has three stiles, same with top rail. copies on top of the other. use outliner to see and select the repeated items and delete them


SketchUp has no ‘Clash’ detecting, sometimes you wind up having multiple copies on the same location.
Try this:
With the select tool activated and the Entity Info Panel open, select the parts of the door, watch the entity panel and see how many there are in the model. If it two much, delete one and check if it is the culprit.

With the Components panel open and the ‘in model’ collection selected (Little House icon) you can right click on the components in your model and have some other options:


Another way to find multiple copies on top of each other is to use Outliner and left fence select a component. If there is more than one in the location, all will be highlighted in Outliner.

You have a few other issues with your drawing. Some faces are reversed. The top “muntin” has not been grouped and nor has the vertical one. (Here in the UK, we would call them glazing bars as a muntin is usually a more sturdy horizontal member such as you would have between a middle panel and a top panel.)

You have no layers apart from Layer 0 and so all raw geometry and groups are there. Depending on how you plan to present your drawing, that may not matter.

I do quite a lot of joinery design including doors much like yours. Typically over here, what you call the “middle rail” (lock rail for us) would be made much wider to make sure there is enough “meat” to take a mortice lock and not compromise the tenons.