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I made a basic style for a door, then Flip/Move/Copied it to make another style. Next I Move/copied and rotated to make a rail. A quick Flip/Move/Copy for the other rail. I made each component unique.I can change the Instance Name of the styles individually, but the rails both change when I change one. I need to understand this and I just can’t seem to put it together. Can someone tell me how these two (rail) components are still linked?
Bool.skp (99.2 KB)

Make the componient unique before you copy it. Using the outliner is helpful understanding how things are connected.

Is there a way to undo this, or do I go make the rails over again?

I think I get now that copying something that is not Unique is probably where I am getting in trouble.

I’m not understanding why you are doing things the way you are doing them. If I were modeling your door I would lave the left and right stiles as instances of the same component and the two rails as instances of the same component. I want to make another door using them but with different dimensions, I would copy the first one and select the components that need to change in length and make them unique. That way the two parts would remain related to each other but be separated from the first pair.

I can do that. And that’s what I thought I did. But I’d like to name the top rail, top rail and the bottom rail, bottom rail. I’m getting better at working efficiently by copying, rotating, flipping, etc. It’s just the name changing with each other that confuses me. I am going to go back and do it again Maybe I’m getting too hung up with the naming convention. If the parts are the same size and in the same spot on a door. It probably doesn’t hurt (maybe helps) for the parts to have the same name.

You can give each of them instance names if you want without making them unique.

And there it is. Thanks, that’s my move!

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FWIW, I moved your door frame over to the left of the origin and made a new 12 x 12 in. door complete with panel. To make the two doors to the right of it, I copied the original. For the taller door I selected both of the stiles along with the panel and made them unique. I immediately adjusted their definition names so there’d be less confusion. Then I moved the top rail up to the overall height of the door, extruded the stiles with Push/Pull on one of them, and then selected the top half of the panel and moved it up.

For the wide door I copied the square one and this time I selected the two rails and the panel, right clicked, and chose Make Unique. After updating the names, I moved the righthand stile over, opened one of the rails for editing and selected just the right end geometry which was moved to meet the stile. Then I opened the panel for editing. selected the right half of it and moved that over to complete the panel.

This business of keeping like components related to each other makes your work easier as you are making edits. It also streamlines your cutlist. Your one door, because each component is unique requires four lines in the cutlist. It’s also kind of difficult to tell what’s what because the definition names are confusing.
Screenshot - 4_27_2024 , 1_27_28 PM

I gave definition names based on the overall dimension of the door as a convention here. I omitted the panels in this cutlist. So still four lines but this is for three doors.
Screenshot - 4_27_2024 , 1_28_01 PM

Here’s the model if you want to poke around.
Bool dr.skp (137.9 KB)

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Thanks I will.