New user with ghosting? in the image

Hi all,
I am a rank amateur with CAD type programs and freely admit that I could do with some help,
I use SU to do mainly floor plans of buildings and normally it works fine but this one of a large shearing shed has me stumped. I think I have loose ends that are on a different plane so when I try to colour various parts I get this ghosting (for want of a better word), Is there a simple way to either flatten it all or quickly find the problem?(or problems). If I can understand what I have done wrong I should be able to prevent it in futureShearing shed plan issue.skp (833.3 KB)
. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

What you are seeing is called Z-fighting. It’s due to having placed two faces in the same place and your graphics card doesn’t know which one should be in front of the other. You could just delete the large blue face and eliminate the Z-fighting. (One face can’t fight itself.) Or the other option is to put some distance between them. They can’t fight if they can’t reach.


Thanks Dave
I put the border there to get it to happen but I had trouble when doing the plan with some parts, like the posts. If the post circle touched some other lines it did this. Is it a question of obtaining a better graphics card? To be accurate I need some things to touch.and it appears to be a larger issue with larger more complex plans.

Changing graphics cards won’t help. Your plan looks fine, so I don’t see that the file is an issue. Maybe you are trying to use SketchUp as a 2d drawing program.–and you want to be able draw and move filled 2d shape around. Here’s a couple ideas.

There are different practices such as if you draw in orthogonal plan view (Camera / choose standard views: TOP, and parallel projection): objects will tend to draw on the ground plane.

OR place or draw your objects (circles for columns, rectangles for tables etc.) on a transparent face (that is grouped with it’s outside edges). You can place this just above the grouped face representing your floor color or whatever you want to be covered by the faces of objects.

This is how a 2d CAD program works, that has solid fills (like LayOut), objects are always “in front” of others and hide what’s behind (unless, of course, they are transparent).

Thanks pbacot,
I will try your suggestions. Probably a silly question but would I be better with SUPro if I can find the cash. If I understand you correctly LayOut handles the 2D better and Make the 3D? Most things I do start as 2d, which I need, then I try to build them to 3d and run into issues there as well

Try this:

Hi mihai.s
that worked a treat, thank you

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