Ghosting near the origin but only present in the 3rd quadrant?


Hello! I am trying to create a SketchUp model, but I am running into a similar problem I had before. I am seeing ghosting/Z-fighting (?) in my model. When I mentioned this before, I was told that it could be as a result of being too far away from the origin. I have since moved the model towards the origin, but there is still the same result but only present in the 3rd quadrant. I have placed the overall outline of the model three times (One at the highest elevation, one at the lowest, and one in between).



Change axes for every component (terrain)!

Also, put every raw geometry (lines and faces) on Layer 0.



Although your model as a whole is reasonably centered about the model origin, the individual components axes are still placed very far away from the component contents. You can see this if you open one for edit. The dashed box showing the edit context is vast compared to the component contents - I have to zoom out until the contents are almost invisible even to see it. Try using the right-click Change axes menu item to reset the components’ axes closer to the contents.

Edit: @mihai.s posted while I was typing, and his animation shows the same thing.



Or, simpler, explode each component and then make it a group.
You do not need to keep it as a component, since you do not copy it multiple times in the same file, so you can turn it into a group



But be aware that when you explode a component instance, SketchUp will associate all its contents with the layer previously used by the component instance. You will need to re-associate edges and faces with Layer0.

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Thanks so much for the help! I did not know there were individual component axes. This does solve the problem of the object disappearing when I zoom in significantly. This also solves the problem I had so yay. You guys both gave the same solution and it worked. Thanks again!