New to this forum trying to get Trimble to play with Oculus Quest 2 and failing

My Architect has given me a 10 Mbyte Sketchup file to review the internal design.

I have managed to upload it to Trimble and sure enough I can manipulate the drawing in 3D, to make things better I bought an Oculus Quest 2 to improve the review.

Unfortunately I fear that Sketchup does not support free users like me, although I am only trying to view the design not change it.

So my question is do I have a way of looking at his design using free Trimble (yes) but more importantly using my Oculus, I say that because the Oculus viewer is downloaded as an extension to Sketchup rather than me using Trimle on the Cloud.

The AR/VR viewers are included as pro features only I believe.

I assume your architect has a current SketchUp Pro license and thus access to the AR/VR features. Perhaps you could take your device to their office and have them load up the model for you to view it.

Yes we have done that but we want a more relaxed time at home to view it. Looks like I will use Kubity which does not have these restrictions.

I think you may be correct.