Sketchup viewer VR oculus quest link

Hi, I have a number of sketchup pro (V19) licences (node versions).
I can publish files to my trimble account but I can not acces them, nor cab I acces local files, or warehouse files. I get the message I need sketchup pro (wich I clearly have) or I need a sketchup shop subscription. I cab acces the demo file.
Any thoughts ?

arch. Erik Bosquet

It can get confusing because the thing you download is called SketchUp Pro, but that’s just the desktop application. What was called SketchUp Pro a year ago its now called SketchUp Classic, and SketchUp Pro is one of the subscription products. That’s the one that includes VR support (so does SketchUp Studio).

I didn’t yet test whether Quest with a Link cable works as if it is Rift. I hope it does.

Thanks for the respons Colin. So if I understand correct my (perpetual) sketchup pro license, wich I have for almost a decade, is no longer usable as sketchup pro in an VR surrounding (altough it was advertised that the pro version would work). One of the reasons I bought a Quest was that it would work with sketchup pro. So now it changed its name into sketchup pro classic, and it is in reality NOT working. Even in the old days us proffesionals were always wondering why we paid extra for the pro version and now when it actually would be beneficiary…they change the name. Sad.
FYI the quest link and sketchupviewer works fine with the demo that is on my trimble acount (university island)

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You understand correctly. It used to be possible to buy the VR support version of SketchUp for $1500, but now getting SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Studio subscriptions is the only way to get VR support.

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Poor form - I have said it before. Fortunately it is possible to utilise (an increasing choice of) other platforms.

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I understand that if you want to have all your SU files available on any screen you need it to be on a server somewhere, and for this servive you need to pay. But why is het not possible to have my own local files on my computer to view in VR. Can this option not made available for the ‘old’ sketchup pro users like me?

I don’t have time to check if this works, but how far through this article can you get?:

I assume that it uses this extension:

That article probably refers to version 1 of the AR/VR viewer, you cannot buy that anymore since the release of version 2 (which is tied to subscription)