New to sketchup need some advice on how to create a cove on the cabinet doors

Good morning everyone, I have modeled a simple cabinet carcuss with two raised panel in frame doors. I am trying to draw the cove detail on the door panel. I have tried several times drawing a tangent curve profile to be used with the follow me tool but I have not had any success. I’ve reviewed several online videos on the topic but have not found the exact scenario I’m looking for.

I am new to SketchUp and am currently using a trial download of SketchUp pro 2019.

Attached is the model I’ve created.

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Cabinet carcus with raised panel doors.skp (207.4 KB)

Are you going to be building these doors from scratch or are you only wanting to show them.

Would a live demo help?

If you don’t need to show the individual parts, I would draw a cross section of the door stile and panel with the cove and use Follow Me. around a rectangular path.

You’ve made matters somewhat harder than necessary by drawing the entire pair of doors as a single component. I’d suggest modeling each real-life board as a separate component (with use of instancing and flipping for matching but reversed). That will prevent edges or faces from one board from interfering when you edit another one.

Your model doesn’t include an example of the sort of cove detail you want, but assuming the shape itself isn’t problematic I don’t see why follow-me wouldn’t work.

I see that @DaveR has volunteered a live demo, so you are in good hands!

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Hi Dave,

At this point i am trying accurately model an existing cabinet. Next step would be to actually build the cabinet and doors. I guess first things first, if I cant draw /model it I wont be able to build it.

I am new to 3D modeling so I may not even be asking the right questions.


So you probably should be modeling the five separate parts of the door instead of modeling the two doors as one lump of geometry.

That makes sense, I could create another component called door. I dont know how to create the profile I want on the raised panel. I will draw the profile and attach

Ignoring the component breakdown which is still a better idea, do it like this:


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here is the profile I am trying to create.

Cabinet carcus with raised panel doors_Profile.skp (209.4 KB)

You should be able to incorporate that curve into the door panel as Steve showed or draw the panel by itself with that cove using a rectangular path and a section for the profile.

That’s awesome Steve! Your drawing across the right stile to extend the lower rail in order to draw the concave profile that cuts into the face of the panel?

Yeah, the profile for follow-me needs to be a closed face, and that left behind a spurious edge that I deleted.

Thank you Dave, I think I understand what your suggesting. I am going try Steves’ approach and then duplicate another single door component using your suggestion.

If I were drawing the door to build would you suggest that I create individual components for panel, stile and rail?

Thank you very much for the input.


Yes. Absolutely. One stile component, one rail component (each copied and flipped to make mirrored counterparts) and the panel component.

Cool, I assume same applies for all elements of the cabinet carcuss.

Yes. If you want to get useful information out of the model for construction, i.e. cutlist, construction drawings, etc.

Steve, what is the tool selection sequence after you have drawn the arc. it looks like your selecting the panel face, then selecting the follow me tool and then clicking on the profile to extrude. I’m really sorry but I’m not able to get the follow me tool to work. I am missing something really simple.


Cabinet carcus with raised panel doors_Profile.skp (198.1 KB)

Select the face of the panel’s field, get the Follow Me tool, click on the profile.

Dave and Steve,

I got to work with. Maybe I had some extra edges drawn or edges not drawn to proper endpoints.

Here is my latest result. This is what I was trying to achieve.

Thank you both for the assistance.


Cabinet carcus with raised panel doors_Profile.skp (219.8 KB)

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FWIW, I reworked your cabinet into components so it’s useful for shop drawings. Yours is on the far left.


Exploded view:

Door details included.



Good morning Dave, This is incredibly generous of you. Having these examples is really helping me to learn the software. I’m putting a lot of time into modeling, reading forum posts, and watching sketchup videos.

Thank you so much,

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Let me know when your headed to Richfield, WI. We can have that beer.