Raised panel drawer fronts?


Hello gang, can anyone help me with drawing raised panel drawer fronts??? I cant seem to figure it out?? I am very new to sketchup! :):slight_smile:

Thank you!



I can help you. Can you show me a picture of what you are trying to draw?

If you want, I could probably show you directly.

Maybe something like this?


Hello Dave, hope you are well!! Yes, that’s exactly what I am trying to
do!! :):slight_smile: Any help would be greatly appreciated!!




Hi Jay,

I am doing well. You?

So there are a number of ways you can do that. One way would be to make the drawer front and then draw the profile of the raising on the edge of the ‘board’. Imagine you’re outlining the shaper cutter where it’ll start on board. Select the front face of the board, get the Follow Me tool and click on the face representing the profile of the cutter.

There are several other options but try this one first…

By the way, you might not want your phone number in your public forum reply. :wink:


Hi Dave, geesh I really hate to bother you again!!! You were such a help
with the bed I was working on! Thanks again for that. Would I be able to
send you a the sketchup file for what i am working on? I downloaded the
Bezire tool and was playing around with that today. Plus trying raised
panels ARGH!! I am working on nightstand with raised panel drawers and a
curved leg. I know i did things wrong as i was really just messing around :slight_smile:

I just need the to be able to create the basic overall look :slight_smile:

I wanted the stiles to be 1 1/4" on the sides and rails to be 1 1/4" on the
bottom and 1" on the top. The drawer faces to be about 7" high. I also
tried to do a little molding under the top using the Bezire tool but could
not get rid of the lines and could not seem to make it work on the front?

I am hopeless!!! :):slight_smile:

I don’t want to send unless its okay as I don’t want to waste your time
either though. Just let me know and I totally understand!! :):slight_smile:

Thanks Dave!



Hi Jay,

Go ahead and send me the file. And if you want, we’ll look at it together.


Geez, thanks Dave!! Here it comes! I will out of commission for the rest of
the day, but have a look and you will be able to see what I am trying to
do?? :):slight_smile:

Thanks again


Davenightstand.skp (680 KB)


OK. Downloading now.


Alright. I’m not sure how you went about making the drawer fronts but you’ve got some missing faces and reversed faces. Remember what I told you about applying materials. Don’t do that until the model is completed. It makes for more work and can mask problems if you do it early in the game.

Following my instructions from before and using your drawer front as a very rough guide, I drew the drawer front and on one end, drew the profile of the cut which is shown selected.

After selecting the front face, getting the Follow Me tool and clicking on the profile face, I ended up with this:

Then I made it a component.

I didn’t follow the bit about the rails and stiles. Where are they supposed to be? Are you really planning frame and panel drawer fronts? That’s different than just a raised panel drawer front.

As for getting rid of the lines, those are softened edges. You can make them not show by deselecting Hidden Geometry in the View menu.

Did you want that piece under the top to have a cove on the front, too? Or only on the sides. will that really be a molding wrapped around the case?


Hi Dave, this is great! What I am trying to achieve with these renderings
are just conceptual renderings. They don’t need to show or demonstrate all
the intricate details such as working drawers etc. It’s just the look I am

For this particular nightstand, I wanted to demonstrate the little curved
leg, raised panel drawers (which I did wrong!) I liked the drawer face you
sent me in a previous email, not the one I drew :). I went online to try to
figure out the follow me tool to do a raised panel and the one I did is how
it turned out, even though its not what I wanted :slight_smile:

I wanted the cove detail under the top to be all the way around the
nightstand, but obviously not the back. Yes, it will just be a molding
added to the nightstand.

This nightstand will be featuring 4 diff tops and 4 diff leg options which
I have not done yet. The case will always be the same. I have auto cad
renderings done by our designer for all these nightstands, but I want to
re-create them in sketchup so I can show them in 3D.

When these will be built, the cases will not have a rail between the
drawers but the stiles will be 1 1/4 on the sides and bottom and 1" on the
top. I hope this makes sense? This is why I tried to place the drawer faces
as you seen them in my original abomination of a rendering!! :):slight_smile:

I am not sure how to draw the case so that the drawer faces will look like
they should on a real nightstand as I want the drawer faces to be flush
with the stiles like they should be, not an overlay drawer front, does this
make sense?

I am going to try something diff today ARGH!

Anyways, I hope all this makes sense? Thanks so much for all your help
Dave, I really do appreciate it and I am learning alot from you!! But,
slowly :):slight_smile:



I sent you a PM, Jay.


You might like this alternative to producing the draw front. I’ve Attached a skp file showing the 5 steps.
Notice when to use push face and move face.Drawfront example.skp (159.1 KB)


It’s worth noting in that method, you can omit drawing the diagonal lines before Moving the face in. SketchUp will create those diagonals automatically with Autofold which is invoked by holding Alt on the PC or Command on the Mac.

And to make a raised panel you you reverse the directions of the Move and Push/Pull operations.

@Jay1, I meant to show you something similar yesterday but we moved on to the molding and I forgot to get back to it.


Thanks Dave for everything!! I worked on this pretty much all day! Your
tutorial yesterday was soooooooo awesome!! Please check out what we are
doing www.modernfarmhousecollections.com

Have a great week!!



Happy to hear it helped, Jay.



Hi Dave, I am trying to build a small turned leg that will be 4" high,
basically another leg option. I know I keep bugging you, but would you ever
entertain the idea when I need a short tutorial that I can pay you for your
services? Kind of like my private teacher! I would feel better if I paid
you for your services then I wont feel so bad!! :):slight_smile:

Thanks Dave!



Hi Jay, how about if we talk about this privately? :wink: I’ll send you a PM.