How do I raise a wood panel with an angle?

Hello gang, I am very new to sketchup and was wondering how to raise a wood panel with the push pull tool that has an angle? I have attached a rendering of what I am trying to do. I hope someone can help me??

Thank you!


Could you share the SKP file?

Sure Dave, how do I do this? I know how to us the push pull with rectangles and circles but have no idea how to do it with something like this?? LOL!

Look forward to hearing from you! and possibly helping me??


Click on the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message window.

TopSailbarnboardHeadboardREVISED.skp (801.8 KB)

Does this work Dave?


I have your file but I’m not exactly sure what you want? Are you thinking of a diagonal field on the large panel? Or are you wanting to add a diagonal batten or something? By “middle panel” are you referring to the center stile?

Hi Dave, as you can see in the panel of the headboard there is a style that runs vertically to divide the panel in half. I have raised that slightly by .25" of an inch. I want to be able to do this with the other panels that run at an angle . This will give the headboard a barn door look, does this make sense? Right now I can only pencil those in and they dont have that same look as the middle style that divides the headboard.

I hope this makes sense sorry! :slight_smile:

I think I understand. Check you PMs.

Like this?

OMG!!! Yes yes!!! Thats it!! Can you please show me how?? Man, thanks so much!!! I am off to thanksgiving dinner as I live in Canada, thanks again Dave and I look forward to hearing from you!!


I can show you live as I suggested in my PM or I can do up a tutorial if you want. Enjoy the dinner.

Check your PMs again. Tell me if that helped.