Using followme tool across multiple components


Hi there, fairly novice SU user here!

So I’m designing a door/frame (i’m a woodworker) and I’ve several components making up the frame. The problem I have is in being able to use the follow me tool to create a chamfer that goes across multiple components. I’ve tried making a group of multiple components and making the components all one single component with no success. I was considering ‘exploding’ each of the components but am worried about how I then return them to being separate again afterwards!

Thinking that there is prob a very easy solution to this!?

Thanks to anyone who van shed light on this for me!



BTW I’m on SU 8 and on a MAC


If the components are solids. you can trace the path over the components, use followme to create the form, make this a group, then select, use the solids trim tool to create the cuts on each group or component, The down side in using the native solid tools is that they are replaced with a group named “difference” whereas @eneroth3 "solid tools from the extension warehouse, preserves the original name.

For non_solids you have to (right click menu) use intersect faces with model then manually clean up the unwanted geometry. This method is probably prefered even on solids if you have the time to cleanup


Hi there,

Thanks for your input!

The problem I have is that I’m unable to trace a path over more than one component at a time as I need to have selected the component for editing and I only seem to be able to do one at a time. The components are solid, but i’d be happy to go with option B in your reply relating to non-solids as I can easily clean up the geometry. However, i’m unclear how using the intersect faces tool helps me here?



Can you share an example of the door you are creating? Is the chamfer to go around the outside of the rails and stiles? Or?


whats the easiest way of uploading an image from sketch onto here!?


The chamfer is on the internal edge for the window, so starts half way along the verticals and runs all the way across the horizontals.


Click the Upload button.

Even better than uploading an image, upload the SKP file.


AutoSave_NikiDoor5.skp (195.7 KB)


Got it. Back shortly.




Do you mean for the stiles,center and top rails of the door to all be loose geometry?


AutoSave_NikiDoor3.skp (135.3 KB)
Just realised that last file was after I’d exploded the components of the door. This one is with the components intact…


No that was in desperation to try and get the follow me tool to go around the aperture!


Exploding the components is not what you want to do.

The chamfer on the sidelights is 30°. Is that what you want around the window in the door?


Yeah couldn’t get the components back!!

The camper angle isn’t important right now, I went for 30 on the side windows although the door window was gong to be 45


OK. A few moments


Looking at it, i’m really confused now as I’ve tried so many different things, but I realise that I did manage something very similar to this to achieve the rebate for the glass in the side lights, just can’t fathom how I did it!!


So before I get too far, this is the sort of thing you’d like?


Bang on