Follow me tool not functioning properly all the time

I am trying to draw a dish, see here:Kreg RT nut.skp (328.9 KB)
I click on the circle then using the follow me tool and click on the dish profile I drew. What I get is an incomplete dish with a hole in the centre and the perimeter missing. See here:------(sorry evidently a new user can only post one attachment)
Hope I posted this correctly.
Please tell me where I went wrong. I used the same method to draw a cone and that worked fine.
Thank you.

Without being able to look at your model (as im on my phone) my guess would be it’s all too small.
SU can’t create tiny faces. Scale everything up and see if that works.

You are correct Box. I did some checking after I posted my request for help and saw an earlier post from someone else where it as also suggested that the model might be to small. So I went back to my model and scaled it up ten times and it worked fine.
I should have checked farther into earlier post and could have saved some time. Live and learn!

One tip, you can always make your small geometry a component, copy it and scale the copy, edit the big version and the small one will change with it. Then delete the big copy when finished.


That’s a great suggestion i’ll have to try it. :slight_smile:


@DaveR, don’t forget, the :heart: button under @Box’s post is there for a reason…
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He’s havin a laugh there John, as it’s normally his tip.
Keep up the good work Dave, you’ll get the hang of it one day.

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You don’t call it the “Daves method”?


This is what I was trying to “build”. The nut is from the warehouse, slightly changed in size.
It was the washer part I had difficulty with.
Kreg RT nut…skp (390.2 KB).
Keep trying Dave :smile:

Are you satisfied with what you’ve got now?

I do keep trying. Always trying…

As in satisfied do you mean “clean modeling” … Not to judge or critic, but I see lots of little lines and extra geometry. They stand out as it is a BIG issue for me and my stuff. I think it is a little smig and erasing it wipes out an entire face.

The nut could use some help. Soften some edges and fill in some holes. It’s a strange nut, that one is. Oddly made.

I know there are some issues with my model, putting it mildly. But you know I was born in the early days of radio tubes and used to make drawings with a drafting machine and pencil and paper.
But this is more fun. Here are a couple of pictures of the nut in question and matching bolt.
I do appreciate every ones suggestions, help and critique.

Ah… Good old vacuum tubes and drafting machines.

Out of curiosity,what will you use this nut for once you have it drawn?

I am drawing a model of the Kreg Router table and I am this far with the modelKREG Router Table (2).skp (1.4 MB)
The carriage bolts and locknut (flange nut) are used to assemble the unit. I have to find some clever way to “install” some 48 nuts and bolts ito the model.
Suggestions are welcome

Make both nut and bolt into ‘Glue to > any’ components.
The gluing plane in the right place ensures easy positioning on the table leg’s faces
Both components also should have a guide point in the gluing plane right in the center of the object.
Placing the components in X-Ray face style helps a lot. To see where you drag/position the aforementioned guidepoints when placing them.
And change/position the local (component’s) axes origin in the center. See nex image:

Wo3Dan got here before I did but gave the same answer I would. Here’s an example of how it works once the component is set up. In my example the bolts are to set flush with the surface and ultimately in counterbored holes.

By the way, take a few moments to consider if there are any benefits to making the nuts and bolts to such high detail. There may not be much return on your investment.

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I “just” upgraded to 3D :smile:
But then, what’s in the name?

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Oops! Typing in the dark.


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This seems doable:

Here’s my nut opus: