New to SketchUp, can't push or pull?

I drew a letter E, all on the same plane, and it still won’t let me push and pull? I’m new to Sketch Up but I watched some tutorials and can’t work out why it’s not letting me push/pull?
Test E.skp (132.8 KB)


There is no face.

My guess is that these tiny lines protuding are preventing SU to make faces.

and also, tiny hole ! :slight_smile: (it’s the combination of both, really)

here is a trick if you don’t want to spend 10 min looking for holes. I draw a few big lines crossing it all out.

the areas where your E filled with white are fine. the issue is on the ones not filled yet. allows me to focus my searches.

here it is, filled
Test E.skp (141,9 Ko)

now, for the questions, you made it with the freehand tool, is it based on an existing font?

If it is, you can use the 3d text tool
Capture d’écran 2023-06-24 à 10.16.50
simply select the right font, ask for a big E, and you’ll get it, either line, face, or volume.

the freehand tool is not super precise, it won’t be as clean as a tracing made using bezier curves. for letters I would use the 3d text tool, or predraw it in illustrator / inkscape

You have lots of overlaps and little edges that need to be removed for a face to form.
And you have a gap, you can see here I have manually removed all the little spurs and now closing the gap finishes it.

Another way to find the gaps and overruns is with Weld Edges. Start by trying to weld them all. Then select a an edge. There will be either a gap or an overrun where the selection stops. Fix it, weld the edges again and look for the end.


You’ll want to have the edges welded anyway before you extrude the shape with Push/Pull.


Thanks so much, I gave the lines trick a go when making the next letter and it really helped!

It appears you are using SketchUp Pro, not SketchUp Free. Please correct your forum profile. That information, when it’s correct, helps us help you.