New to sketchup 2016

I am looking to have a hands on tutor with sketchup pro
I build signs and awning
I would like to design shop drawings
in sketchup pro
thank you

Welcome to the forum and fire away with your questions {about SketchUp!)

There are plenty of tutorials on Youtube, which cover the basics and up to more advanced and complex technics. I believe also has tutorials.

What specifically do you need to do? The more details you can provide, the better the answers you can get from the forums. If you need some generic help, try to make something, anything really, and if you get stuck or confused, ask for help. SketchUp is one of the most user friendly programs I have ever used, if you need ANY sort of help, ask!

Not to multiply “hi I am new” topics I will add my “hi I am new” here.
I am looking to learn how to design models for 3D printing. Desired level of skill is… let’s say I would like to be able to model and print a teaspoon I am currently holding in my hand.

I checked about 5 different tutorial @ YouTube and other places, but all of them had to do with shapes with right angles, and straight flat faces.
They sure helped me understand the basics of large toolbar (all those follow me", push-pull, move, and etc) but I still do not understand how to model curvy faces and shapes.

Since it’s more of a hobby for me I have all the time in a world.
Can someone kindly suggest a tutorial I can begin with?