New su pro 2024

Greetings all sketchupers, I know that many of us waiting new SU2024, and shortly to say: today night I had a dream and I saw that it comes tomorrow, 16 february :))))
of course I saw all deteils on my dream :slight_smile: but I say only 1 now, it will be more faster than now, it will be fastest SU :slight_smile:
good luck to everyone, I hope I could make you happy 1 day earlier


I’m sorry, but my dream did not turn out to be true, or I could not distinguish the number correctly in my sleep :)))
I hope it comes this year :slight_smile:

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Let’s talk about when the NEW SU2024 will be released. This quarter is almost over :frowning_face:

As usual, the SU team doesn’t communicate when it’s coming, they just say they’re working on it.

It will come out exactly when the SU team decides it’s ready and releases it.

Those with open eyes can see the usual signs (for example, the 2024 compatibility filter appeared in EW…) indicating the possibility of an upcoming version.


2025 Probably. :sunny: