Sketchup pro 2024

hi sketchupers from all the world,
I create this topic for fun & wish all of your, when we’ll update 2024 sketchup pro lets say wow from the pleasant surprise,
someone waiting for dark mode,
someone has some expacitions from layout & etc.
good luck & greetings from georgia :georgia:


I was really surprised that there wheren’t any “when will Sketchup 2024 be released” forum entries yet. Goes to show how high the hopes are. Though I have to say - I like the idea of snaps. Haven’t used them too much yet but we will update most of our components to integrate snaps and it really makes a nice addition. So there still is hope for some other changes… :slight_smile:

we could do a massive betting pool, everyone picks a release date, winner gets a hug. :upside_down_face:

I would LOVE to get a hug. :people_hugging:

last past 2 years SU released on the midfle of february, before I was economist :))) & dont know, 2 years ago I interested 3D modeling & met SU on my way & falling love to this software

The release dates have gradually crept later over the past few years, so predicting has become difficult. We’ll just have to wait and see…

Why the concern about the 2024 version, there is still unfinished business with the current version.

That’s exactly why. :innocent:


Have you tried right clicking on a SketchUp view in LayOut and re-linking from there? It only links that particular model to a new reference.

You would have to do this for each ‘new’ reference you wanted.

Yes, but you are not understanding. Do not change the scene, change the linked reference… they are two different things.

Perhaps it is good to use the latest version before making feature requests.

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Wow, there are people who still believe Trimble cares about SketchUp development and that magically something new and valuable will appear.
It won’t.
SketchUp is practically dead. It won’t get any better.

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good for you.

the 40 million users are not aware of this, you should start calling them one by one to tell them.

(yes. it is sarcasm)


I meant it’s dead in terms of development. I know it has a lot of users and fans. I used to be one of them. But I was so annoyed by lack of listening to users’ complaints and changing policy to sub-only while releasing less and less important improvements, that I finally said goodbye, although with my heart broken.
It’s not good for me. I wish SU was properly taken care of, just as Blender is. But that’s a different story.

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I wish Blender was usable, like SketchUp is. The same old story.

All the Blender fans who appear here do, in fact, use SketchUp for modelling and only render in Blender.


It was the case for me too, but I switched to Blender completely, and I do all the modelling there.
I did the hard work and learned Blender, changed habits I’d been developing for years, and I know many people who did the same. Especially now, when Blender 4.0 has introduced proper snapping workflow, I see hardly any reasons sticking to SU.
So it’s not all any more.

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Why do you blender lovers insist that blender is better? Yes, sir, consume in peace, let us hope for SketchUp :))

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Man I always sit around thinking about my ex, thinking what could have been, how it could be different, wishing, hoping.

Oh, wait, no. I don’t.

Move on. Enjoy life with whatever software you prefer. No need to stalk your ex here… it’s ok. It’s just software. I wish I could like Blender, or Fusion, or any other software packages - but for me, SKP works, and works well, and we have a history that for now I won’t throw away.

In the end it’s a tool. Loyalty goes as far as usability for the task at hand. When a better hammer or pencil or whatever comes along you’ll bet I’ll be looking - just like I did with this weird CDrom an architect friend gave me to try by some little company called @ Last
. After playing around I thought ‘How could this ever work or be useable… (coming from ACAD and the early days of Architectural Desktop) … and many years later here we are.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Please share some examples of what you’ve modeled in Blender? I know it’s a great program but I wish to see some architectural models and drawing output to be able to compare with SketchUp.