New SketchUp Tool Icons

Looks like its official! The same bad graphic designer and executive decision responsible for the SketchUp, Layout, and all other file type icons looking almost indistinguishable has now gotten their hands on the the tool bar icons. Congratulations! The various tool icons look almost exactly the same. Good work! Goes well with the active and inactive scene tabs.

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The active scene tab looks pretty obvious on my computer.

Thanks DaveR. I always appreciate your quick response. Your active scene tab is slightly more distinct. My scene tabs do not look the same as yours. This applies to all six of my monitors. I have tried all screen adjustments. Do you mind sharing your Monitor brand, model, and specs?

Only slightly? Do you see only a slight difference between the white and gray in this image?

No problem. It’s an old 27" Samsung S27B550. Nothing particularly special and definitely not hi-spec.

One thing to check is the brightness setting in your monitor. If light grey fades to white it might be set too high. There are also settings in Windows (right-click on desktop>Personalize) that affect the look of application windows.

There is difference when using the colors in the context your are presenting. The attached image is what I am seeing. No need for further discussion on this, but as I mentioned originally, I have read notes from others expressing the same concern. Setting up scenes can sometime take more than a few seconds, and accidentally updating the the wrong scene tab can really lead to redoing working in the the model and in Layout. I can’t think of any other parts of the workspace where I have a similar issue and would vote to eventually make the tabs more distinct. Thanks for your help and consideration.