Making the scene tabs more visibly distinct

I have a Dell XPS 9170 with the 4k Screen option and use Sketchup with screen resolution 3840x2400 which looks and works great apart from one thing - I find it really hard to see what scene I’m on just by looking at the scene tabs. For some reason in this resolution its really hard to distinguish between the scene tabs and has caused some annoyance when updating a scene, only to find later that I updated the wrong scene by right clicking on the wrong tab and overwriting the view I had previously set up. Is there a way the seletced scene tab text can be made more distinct for future versions of Sketchup, maybe by making the text bold or something? It is of course possible to see which scene I’m on by using the scene manager in the Default Tray but I don’t normally have that visible when working.

Screenshot example attached…

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Your profile is confusing, what version of SketchUp are you using? 2019?
2020? 2021? 2022? or 2023? Also, provide correct graphics card info.

I’m using v2023 of sketchup, the graphics card is an RTX3060.

Please update your forum profile.

What is the background color in the style?

It’s not really ideal from an accessibility perspective, however it will be notably worse with a poor quality screen or a poorly setup screen

Try running the windows display calibration

How to Calibrate LCD Panel Color Temperature in Windows 10 | Dell UK.

A visit to the ophthalmologist helped me :smiley:

I can see clearly the scene tabs on the screenshot you shared, maybe a visit to the optometrist will help you, you can also scale the size up to 175% of the text and everything on the windows screen settings, but there have been reports of some issues using sketchup 2023 with an upscaled screen.


Are you using Windows 11? If so, I suggest that you read through the following post, taking note of what I mention about Windows 11 towards the end of the thread:

I use both a Windows 10 Desktop and a Windows 11 Laptop. The active versus inactive tabs are much harder to differentiate on my Windows 11 laptop. I do believe Microsoft decided that for Windows 11 the color we all think of as ‘white’ looks nicer as a very light grey, at least when it comes to tabs. This is unfortunate as there is not enough contrast between the active and inactive tabs.

You might want to try getting used to using the Scenes Panel.

Thanks for the info. Guess I’ll just have to use a workaround for now using the scenes manager in default tray :slight_smile:

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