Change color of active scene tab in the model window

in the sketchup drawing window, at the top are the scene tabs. When you activate a tab, the tab becomes weakly highlighted in white. Is there a way to make this highlight more visible like a color of some kind. ( it is so faint now, and I have vision issues and hard to see)


You could try using a dedicated tray for your scenes as a work around for the lack of color differentiation on the scenes tabs:

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thanks for the help…I tried this…even with the large icon setting the images are still too small for my eyes to define the difference between many of the tab and i still have to scroll through the icons to see which one is outlined as active. Hopefully Sketchup guys can make the simple programming change to add color to the active tab…would really help my visual disability…

From reading post on this topic it seems the SU folks are aware of the issue. Seems like a good candidate for improvement.

yes please
in the tray - i believe - one cannot generate the scene on the view so the tray does not solve the problem