Please differentiate the selected scene-tab

Thank you for a wonderful product!

I have a suggestion that would make my everyday work a lot easier: Can you please make the “selected scene-tab” a bit more enhanced in its appearance? It’s now kind of hard to distinguish it, since there is only a very thin grey line differentiating it from the others.
Maybe make the font in the selected scene bolder than the others?
(I don’t think it would affect the visual beauty of the interface…)

Have a great day!

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Indeed I find it incredibly hard to see the active tab and usually have to check the Scenes tray, which has more contrast.

It’s been a raised before Active Scene Tab has Insufficient Contrast - #38 by DapperDanMan


The same for me when using SU on a Windows machine.

On Mac OS, the highlited scene tab has black text on a white background while unselected scenes have black text on a light grey background. The different is quite obvious compared to the one seen with SU on Windows.

Another discrepancy between the two versions is that on Mac OS the scenes are added from the center of the modelling window ans are always centered along the top of this window.

Why not using the same behaviour for both systems?

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This issue (and the associated difference from Mac) may be related to the conversion of the Windows version to the Qt GUI library for 2023.

In my case the issue is with SU 2021 & 2022 on Windows 11 (I haven’t installed SU2023).

I just fired up a Win10 PC that runs SU2017 Pro and the active tab is blue - that works!