New Objects Added Always getting a Specific Material (Not Default)

In a large model I’m working with, when I add new objects (groups, components) to this model via a copy/paste function they all seem to be colored using a single specific material from the model - not the Default Material (White).

Is there some setting that applies a specific material to new objects introduced to a model? I’d like to make sure everything gets the default color if possible.

Are you pasting these objects with Untagged active? Do these objects have tags? Do you have Color by Tag enabled in the destination file?

It’s hard to tell you exactly what’s happening without seeing the model files.

@DaveR I don’t use Tags and don’t have color by tag enabled. It’s applying a specific material within the model every single time. And it seems to want to apply that material to every part of the object that doesn’t have a material defined.

Unfortunately without the models to look at it’s still very difficult to identify the problem.

This bit seems to suggest that your “always” getting specific, non default, material is likely the result of adding new objects WITHIN a group or component that has had the material applied to the group or component.

Materials applied to geometry always overrides any materials applied to the container (group or component). But when you first create geometry, it takes your default material. It might APPEAR to take another material (the one applied to the container)- when you’ve opened a container and added the geometry within it.

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@sjdorst I bet that’s what’s happening. That may be why my results weren’t consistent because in some cases I was adding within a larger container and in other cases I was not. I’ll test both to be sure. Thanks for chiming in!