Material automatically being added to imported objects

All of a sudden when I import an object or draw a circle there is a material that I have in the project that is being applied. This just started happening the other day I have never had this happen before. Is there a command somewhere that is causing this that I am unaware of? It is really annoying especially when I do not want any materials applied.

Thanks in advance for your help.

FYI - I updated to the SU2020 the other day, however this started happening before I did the update.

can you upload a model where this happens…


I will attempt, it is rather large, maybe I can reduce it and still cause it to happen. I did just notice that it happens if I adding to a component and I am inside of the component.

When you open the file you will see a rectangle off to the right of the model. That rectangle was drawn while I was inside the hanging towel. The material that was immediately applied is a tile that I have used in the model, but is not currently selected. This is the material that has been getting added each time.

I think the file uploaded however I do not see it in my response. Let me know if it did not come through.

copy paste it into a new model and see if it still misbehaves…

if so post the small file…


At some point you have painted that component with the material while it was closed, therefore making it the default material for that component. Anything added within the component will take on that material until such time as you overpaint it.
A material applied to a face will override a material applied to a component.
This can be useful, for example you can paint all the details of a car model, glass leather etc, but leave the main paint unpainted. Then you can change the colour of the car just by painting the component, the car paint will change but not all the details.
You can remove or change the default material in Entity Info.
Mat Comp

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Thank you for the insight into applying materials to objects, I am pretty sure this is the issue.