Materials get copied automatically

Its a bug: When I apply transparent materials to anything they copy themselves to a new one without the right name but to material-number. Also the choice of material keeps shooting to another one after each application. Very timeconsuming and unwanted behaviour. Anyone a solution to this?
Pro2017, mac sierra.

Which version of SketchUp 2017 Pro?

Can you show an example?

A new one of what?

Tell us about your understanding of the Entity Info dialog and how often you use it.

version 17.3.116. It copies material to a new one while not wanted. 38 In this case its the first material after the concrete look, which dupliocated itself to all the other transparencies afterwards. I gave up on retracing steps, colourchanges are from vray settings afterwards.

Use it all the time, for measurements, to find which materials to use when giving other items same material for example. (entity-to-materials could be a lot more practical, but that’s an enhacement question)
When material found it copies itself to a new one when applied.

I was going to ask if you have Vray installed. Evidently you do and it is causing this issue. To confirm that it is Vray, disable Vray and see if you get different behavior in SketchUp.

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Then I will support to vray, because it is impossible to tweak on these kind of models without it running interactive. Tx.

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