Material name changed after copy!

Hy everyone!

I`m encountering a problem. Everytime I copy a material to another scene it gets renamed (the destination file seems to already contain that material). I know this is a normal behavior of Sketchup but is there a way o override this? I wish that Sketchup would replace the materials and instead of renaming them.

Any help is much appreciated!

can you add a sample skp, and explain your actual steps?
Materials are held by the ‘Model’ not by each ‘Scene’, so I can’t follow your question…

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Thank you John for the fast answer!
test materiale 1.skp (2.3 MB)

I have this scene that has 4 materials named diferently. I also have another empty scene with the same materials, named the same, but with different characteristics. Is it possible to copy the objects from the first scene to the other one, but the materials to be ignored and replaced by the already existing materials in the scene (named the same as in the original file)? If so, how can this be done? Many thanks!

Do you have extensions installed? In particular any render engine extensions?

Yes, I have VRay and other modelling extensions!

Can you try with your extensions disabled? (I’d start with the render engine extension.)
I’m pretty sure this is an issue with an extension you have installed. I suggest you try to identify it by disabling one by one and then report the issue back to the extension developer for support.

I`ve disabled all the extensions and the result is the same, as expected.
As far as I know, without any third party script/plugin, this is imposible.
Sketchup will always rename the copied material/s if it encounters another one named the same, in the destinatination file.(eg. wood will become wood1 and so on and so forth).
Maybe I hoped too much that a way to bypass this behaviour could exist.

Thank you so much John and tt_su for your support!

Are you adjusting the Vray material attributes?

If the materials are identical then they should not be made unique. But some extensions, such as render engines attaches attributes to materials which will make the equality check fail - even though it’s not a visible difference to the user. That’s probably what happens here.

In the situation that you described the results should be predictable.

Ive discused with some coleagues and they encountered this "effect" that I want, but with Sketchup 2014. It seemed to be a bug, because the result was weird and directly opposite. The copied material was kept and the existing material was replaced. (I want the copied material to be discarded and the existing material to take its place).

Many thanks!

No, they are just generic materials with an image for color/diffuse.

In the model you posted, the Materials contain a lot of vray attributes…

V-Ray for SketchUp Render Options Dictionary  is  77115 characters long

This is probably why the name changes…


This is just WOW. Even the simplest VRay material is so complex?! Didn`t expect it.
Thank you very much for investing time searching for solutions!
Much apreciated!


Is too bad this isn’t something that can’t be changed in sketchup. I work with Vray a lot and often have to break models into parts for simplicity sake. As a result I end up with combined models that have multiple copies of the same material. If someone has found a workflow workaround I’d be happy to hear it.

My oldie SketchUp Plugins | PluginStore | SketchUcation still works with newer SketchUps…
It finds all materials in the model with the same ‘properties’ [R/G/B/A/Texture/Texture-Size] and they are then consolidated into one common material, and the rest of the materials [now unused] are ‘purged’ from the model…
Usage: Tools > Material Consolidator

Nice! Thanks, TIG. Hadn’t seen this beauty before.