New monitor upgrade

In the market for a larger monitor. I currently have a 27" but want to add a 32". Any recommendations for the new, upgraded Sketchup Pro2024? Are 4K and 5K monitors still having “problems”? I also use V-ray for my Renders.


What do you mean ?

I’ve been using a 38" 4k curved display for the last 6 years and ZERO problems in any software.

I’m a fan of Dell’s higher end displays. I think it’s the Q series where you start getting great color accuracy and USB powered connections.

Mine’s the Dell U3818DW.

I had been reading about different problems between Sketchup & 4K compatibility, but the posts were a couple years old.

Thanks all! This helps! I am lucky enough to have a boss that will get me what I need!

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I have never worked with a curved screen before! Do you find it skews your drawing lines toward the edges? (sorry, I am kind of a NON-gamer and have old eyes! LOL)

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nah. I have a flat 23" and a curved 27", it’s slightly curved, so you don’t really notice.

it’s like reading an open book vs reading a flat sheet of paper. is it more confortable ? Sure, I’m willing to accept that.
can you live without? yeah :slight_smile:

I see no difference between it and my true flat panel at home. In fact I prefer the curved panel. Like I said I’ve had it over 6 years and it’s been great.

Most applications have resolved resolution scaling issues (icon sizes, etc) much better than they did a few years ago. However there are still issues with SketchUp and LayOut if you’re using two screens of differing resolutions /items scale factors. It’s best to stick with 16:9 4k display, as opposed to the less common sizes, but this depends a bit if you’re using other monitors as well (keep them the same, where possible).

For example, LayOut color picker often won’t work properly on the second display, and in SketchUp, some of the tool tray sizes will occupy large areas of screen space and can’t be changed easily.
I understand these issues may be resolved in 2024 (haven’t had a chance to test them).

The curved versus flat display thing is a personal preference but virtually all CAD/3d operators I know choose a flat screen.

Dell are a solid brand…Professional monitors tend to have better colour accuracy, better OSD controls, more connectivity and better stand adjustments, and audio speakers. Though watch out for screen reflectivity as many have a semi-gloss screen that’s annoying in bright offices.

RTings is a trusted resource for monitor reviews:
The 4 Best 32-Inch Monitors - Spring 2024: Reviews -

Let your boss know that quality monitors are likley to last 10 years or more…its an investment piece. :wink:

The trouble you refer to is probably the one to do with display scaling. SketchUp supports scaling up to 150%. This should be quite enough for a 32" 4K monitor (I run mine at 125%), but would affect small 4K panels.

I use a 4K monitor with a 200% scaling factor , which is fundamentally 1080p, so nice and Simple for most programs to deal with.
SketchUp has a few quirks, but nothing too bothersome tbh.
Beyond that , SketfhUp itself doesn’t demand much of a monitor , it’s not colour critical and a crazy fast refresh rate is not going to benefit you.

A display with 100% SRGB coverage is about as professional as you need for sketchup.
Some of the dell monitors are natively higher this and actually create more issues as you have to run additional software to color manager apps.
I’d avoid the dell ones that offer high DCI or Bt2020 coverage as they are overkill.

In my experience of heading the UK tech support team, there are fewer issues from the display and most issues come from the operating system, drivers or PC itself.

I’d choose a nice high resolution OLED monitor over anything else.