IPS Monitor selection--4k UHD vs 1080 HD

I read a lot of complaints about higher DPI monitors used with SketchUp. I’m looking for recommendations… would I be happier with 4k or 1080? Looking for the best performer, not the least expensive. SU Pro 2017, GTX 1060 w/6 GB.

I recently upgraded from a Dell 24" 1920x1200 to a Eizo-flexscan-ev2750 27" 2640x1440 as my main screen (dual monitor setup). Very happy with the extra screen space.
Considered a 3840x2160 as well but was reluctant to go for that resolution because of the complaints/issues. If those complaints would turn out to be the same for me, having to revert to half-size (1920x1080) would be worse as what I started with so wasn’t an option.
Using it with a gtx1060 6Gb as well.